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Hours of Operation:  24/7 365 Days a year

4645 Avon Lane, Suite 225
Frisco, TX 75033
PH (469) 290-6100
FX  (972) 576-9307

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We are ready to answer any questions that you may have.  Please contact us any time you would like additional information about what we have to offer.  You can send us a message on our online form below and one of our qualified staff will contact you within
24 hours.

Our Location:

Archway Hospice
4645 Avon Lane, Suite 225
Frisco, TX 75033

4645 Avon Lane, Suite 225
Frisco, TX 75033


(469) 290-6100

Reaching Archway Hospice

Most hospice visits are pre-scheduled. However, there may be situations that require hospice intervention at night, on weekends or on holidays.  To take your calls, answer your questions, and visit if needed, Archway Hospice has nurses available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Please call the number below for assistance:

 Call today. (469) 290-6100

When to call Archway Hospice:

  • Your doctor recommends or orders tests, such as labs or x-rays.
  • Your doctor orders a new medication
  • You feel stressed and need to talk to someone
  • You have questions about medications
  • You have questions about billing or eligibility
  • You have questions about symptoms or have developed new symptoms
  • There is an unexpected change in condition such as difficulty swallowing, restlessness, less responsive, or difficulty breathing.
  • Your care situation changes.