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What to Expect

When you elect the Hospice program, you have designated the Hospice to manage your healthcare in a palliative course of care rather than in a curative approach.

When you make that decision, and Archway Hospice has been contacted, (by you, family member, physician, or designated representative), a hospice representative will arrange to meet with you and/or your family to discuss your needs and explain what Hospice really is.

Admission to Hospice is a voluntary process the patient and family to choose to participate in. A patient’s physician certifies the patient has a terminal illness, with a limited life expectancy. During the interview with the Hospice representative, the patient or legal representative signs a form indicating their consent to participate in the Hospice. A Plan of Care is developed with patient and family input.

Archway Hospice is licensed as a Medicare provider and therefore must comply with all Federal and State Regulations governing Hospice care. Therefore, as your professional managers, all services, treatments, hospitalizations, durable medical equipment and drugs related to your life-limiting illness must be provided by and authorized by the Hospice Interdisciplinary Team. If you have any questions regarding your care, treatments, physician appointments, medications or equipment and supplies, please call your Hospice to guide you and verify your plan of care so that you will not be held financially responsible for these. The Hospice Interdisciplinary Team and you develop and continually update your plan of care to guide us to meet your desired goals and outcomes.

Sometimes patients choose to leave the Hospice Program. Reasons may include; their disease goes into remission, moving out of the service area, or patient may decide they no longer wish to have Hospice care. If a patient does leave the program, Hospice will assist in making alternate arrangements.


Hospice promotes the rights of the terminally ill which
are as follows:

  • The right to be heard.
  • The right to be told all the facts.
  • The right to share in decision-making
  • The right to refuse treatment
  • The right to maintain control over their own lives
  • The right to have the quality of life which they choose.
  • The right to die when body and spirit are ready.
  • The right to be cared for by professionals who have respect for them and their families.