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Our Services

At Archway Hospice our main goal is to focus on the patient and their family to collaboratively develop a hospice care plan, which is directed and carried out by our highly trained team that includes, but is not limited to the following:


  • RN/LVN
  • Chaplain/Bereavement Counselor
  • Physician
  • Medical Director
  • Social Worker
  • Certified Nurse Aides
  • Trained Volunteers
  • And always the patient and family


  • For any patient who has a life-limited or terminal illness with a prognosis of 6 months or less if the illness runs its normal course.
  • For patients with both cancer and non-cancer illnesses.
  • To enhance the quality of the patient’s life through a comprehensive approach of care.
  • Respectful of the patient’s wishes and provides education and counseling to the family.
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Available to adult patients of any race or religion.
  • Covered under Medicare, Medicaid, most private insurance plans, HMOs and other managed care organizations.
  • Our services provided in Collin, Dallas, and Denton counties

Description of Hospice Staff Services

Social Worker

Medical social services must be provided by a qualified social worker, under the direction of a physician.


Social work services must be based on the patient’s phychosocial assessment and the patient’s and family’s needs and acceptance of these services.  A hospice social worker assessment will help identify issues that either impede or facilitate the patient’s treament and to assist the patient/family in reaching the maximum benefit from hospice care and services.

RN Case Manager

The hospice must provide nursing care and services by or under the supervision of a registered nurse.


Nursing services must ensure that the nursing needs of the patient are met as identified in the patient’s initial assessment, comprehensive assessment, and updated assessments.

Bereavement Counseling

Counseling services must be available to the patient and family to assist the patient and family…


in minimizing the stress and problems that arise from the terminal illness, related considtions, and the dying process.


Hospice chaplains/spiritual counselors provide spiritual counseling to meet these needs in accordance with the…


 patient’s and family acceptance of this service, and in a manner consistent with patient and family beliefs and desires.  Hospice chaplainwill make all reasonable efforts to facilitate visits by local clergy, pastoral counselors, or other individuals who can support the patient’s spiritual needs to the best of its ability.

Certified Nurse Aid

A hospice aid’s services include, but are not limited to the provision of hands-on personal care, the performance of…


simple procedures as an extension of therapy or nursing services, assistance in ambulation or exercises, assistance in administering medications that are ordinarily self-administered, appropriate and safe techniques in performing personal hygene and grooming tasks, including items on the following basic checklist: (A) bed bath. (B) Sponge, tub, and shower bath. (C) Hair shampoo (sink, tub, and bed). (D) Nail and skin care. (E) Oral hygene. (F) Toileting and elimination, and safe transfer techniques and ambulation, normal range of motin and positining, and adequate nutrition and fluid intake.


The Hospice may use volunteers to provide assistance in the hospice’s ancillary and office activities as well…


as in direct patient care services, and/or help patients and families with household chores, shopping, transportation, and companionship.


The purpose of the ‘End of Life Keepsake Photography Program’ is to provide patients and their families with an opportunity to create memories and keep-sake the photographs resulting from the photo session for years to come.  Photography is a tool that be used to capture the feelings and experiences at a monumental time in one’s life.  While end-of-life is a difficult time, the experience can be valuable and one that many will remember regardless of photography.  When you participate in our program, our goal is to best capture the unconditional love of a family, the spirit of the person, and to allow survivors the opportunity to remember the love shared between all participants.  The photos rendered from this session may not only serve as reminders of love and life, but also opportunities to share the memory of the person with generations to come.

The program consists of a photography session followed by printed copies of photos resulting from the session and one framed photograph.  Patient/family may also request digital/electronic copies of photographs resulting from the photo session.  Participation in this program is not mandatory and can be revoked at any time.  Participation in this program (i.e. session, eidting of photos, and the receipt of print of photos) is completely free.  The distribution of photos will consist of mailing to the recipient named on the ‘PHOTOGRAPHY CONSENT FORM’, unless patient/representative consent for Archway Hospice to use the person’s image  on ‘PHOTOGRAPHY DISTRIBUTION CONSENT FORM’.